BUF Music produces exclusive beats for sale for musicians like rappers and singers.

On the other hand its focus is to create epic soundtracks for movies and other media productions.

Exclusive Beats for Sale

BUF Music stands for authentic and emotional productions for Rap in Hip-Hop Music.
The main goal is to provide exclusive Beats for rappers who are looking for a different sound and a new approach in their career.

The production is emotionally and not economically driven. This means that Buf Music does not produce certain styles of beats because they are popular or successful right now.

Every beat is emotional, sad, happy or confident because of the feelings of an individual being.
So, you can be sure that the beats are absoultely authentic, exclusive and unique.



Let’s make music!

Knowing the perspective from an artist very well, BUF Music encourages musicians to get in touch for collaborations and low-price licenses. Feel free to record your demo and use the beats on a non profitable basis. Receive feedback from your audience on YouTube or wherever you like (please do not forget to credit bufmusic.com).

If you like to make money by using our beats, please find our pricing section in the music player and profile linked above. There are exclusive beats for sale. With your purchase you are going to receive a signed document. It additionally proves that you have the right to use the pieces of music you ordered.



Pop Music, Soundtracks and Movie Scores

As I just mentioned before: My main purpose is to produce music because I have the desire and emotion to do so. Because of this you can also find other types of music in my playlist like exclusive beats for Pop Music, Instrumentals and potential Movie Scores. Feel free to get in touch with me if you are looking for music like this.



History of BUF Music

It all started with Tobias Schiller (1987) from Stuttgart (Germany).
In May 2008 he took his first steps as a producer and rapper.

In this time of his life, being 20 years old, he only had little experience in the business but surely a great passion for music.
Sadly he had to stop his creation process three years later because his life changed rapidly.

His passion has remained over all these years and sometimes he came back with new productions besides his studies.
He never stopped what he was and still is passionate about and so he kept producing media in his everyday life.

Despite, his real desire was to produce music like instrumentals and soundtracks.

Now the time has come and he decided to take the risk:

Challenging life again with faith in his skills, his hard work and his everlasting passion for music.