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Beats for sale cheap

I know that beats for sale are important to any artist who is trying to start his career. For more than 3 years I was active as a rapper myself.

I recorded more than 100 songs in this time. Of course my goal was to lease beats online to save money while doing this.

This is why I am trying to offer cheap beats for sale for everyone of you too.

I hope you can find beats that inspire you!

Here is my offer



The downside of free music beats

Free music beats also mean that anyone else can perform with this one piece of music just like you.

This results in you seeming to be less unique to your audience. This is, why buying exclusive rights is the best way to stand out.

On the other hand I can fully understand your perspective. Free beats are at least a chance to show your skills and doing promotion.

You can download free music (but with tags) to create and publish songs on a non-profitable basis.


Lease beats online

On my page you also have the opportunity to lease beats online cheaply.

With my beats for sale you get a lot of freedom if it comes to getting your music out there.

Selling 10.000 copies and streaming your song 700.000 times before you have to extend your license sounds good, doesn’t it?

This means you only have to lease the beat again after you sold the amount of copies and streaming.

→ Without having to extend the lease you can do unlimited live-performances, radio station plays and music video releases with the beat!


Still looking for freebies?

Free music beats from me come with a tag. You can do your thing without any costs.

The only thing you must make sure is to link to my website and that you do not earn money with it.