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Dope – music for the fast lane people

It is time for another track called “dope”. I just uploaded it today for you so check it out at the homepage.

Producing this piece music, I thought about driving full speed on the “autobahn” you all may know. A lot of people also think of the autobahn together with Germany. Okay… and beer, and lederhosen and Wurst… But be sure… on my plate there is no Wurst and I also do not wear Lederhosen 😉

To talk a little bit more about this track: Everytime I listen to it I imagine driving really fast because I am in a hurry. Pumping this one in my car would keep me awake and willing to proceed. See them cars to the left and to the right. But you… you always moving forward looking far to the horizon. And by looking at the horizon you still see what is happening in front of you.

This is what I would call the view of a true master. Trying to attain it!

Hit that track “Dope”!

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