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Free Film Music

As a film/movie producer you are probably always looking for great music, right?

Having the perfect soundtrack at the right time can be crucial for the success of a movie. There almost is nothing more important to communicate emotions to the audience.

Free film music is something that projects with no-budget or a low-budget are looking for.


Music licensing for film

You want to obtain music rights for film production. Maybe you asked yourself how to license music for a a film?

→ Well, probably you came to the right place, because I have some free film music in store for you.

The only thing I would like you to do is: Putting a link to my website somewhere on your project website.

By doing this, you can credit BufMusic as the music producer and you can use the piece of music in your film for free.

Just take a look at my music and contact me with the title of the music you would like to use.

Find free film music


Music rights for Short Film, TV Spots and more

If you want to license music for a short film or a tv spot (commercial), please get in touch with me.

I am sure we can work out a deal that is advantageous for both of us.

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