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JoyCity – a happy piece of house music

Hey everybody!

Today I took another step forward by going online with some of my first music productions. Yey!

So it might be clear why I have chosen “JoyCity” first:

In the early days I never produced house music. By the way: I am not even sure if this is the typical kind of music one calls “house”.

I just started to play the keys, enjoying the sounds and crafting this track you all now can listen to!

If you want to listen to it without the “tags” (me saying bufmusic.com – so sexy!) there is one way:

By throwing 1 Dollar at me you can download this track without tags – and I am able to buy myself some carrots.

But if you want to keep listening to my absolutely attractive voice, that is totally fine by me too. My goal was to create music that makes people happy. So I hope I managed to do this! 🙂

Listen to JoyCity


I have a lot more in store. New music will be added to the player soon.

Stay tuned and keep moving forward!

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