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Life Regret ♪ Rap Beat for Storytelling Rappers

Today I uploaded another Rap Beat called “Life Regret”. This beat was produced some time ago but it is still one of my favorites.

The reason for that is the trueness. When I played it on the keys I was so down with my feelings: Sadness, disappointment and anger took over.

My life was at a point where I felt all alone with my perspective.

Listen to the Life Regret Beat


It felt like the movie “The Sixth Sense”, seeing the world with different eyes. I saw so many good but also bad things. Things that can and could have been better.

But after I took all the positive and tried to evolve my path, I received nothing but silence and lack of understanding.

In the end, I felt completely stranded and all the positive turned into negative.


Now I am releasing this rap beat for all the rappers out there that are feeling the same. People who want to express theirselves and telling a story.

Especially as an artist you have a long way to go. Often it is a way you have to walk alone with a lot of doubts. Others are trying to keep you from moving forward. But you know what?


We never stop! We never ever should!


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