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Terms & Conditions


Some beats may be free to download on our website. A free downloadable beat can easily be recognized by tags in the audio file (voice that says “BUF Music”). Those beats may only be used for promotional purposes like demos. You are allowed to upload them on YouTube and other platforms if you create a song with it. You are not allowed to solely re-upload the beats as they are. You are not allowed to make profits under any circumstances with those free downloadable beats without having purchased a license. You are also not allowed to sell it or to grant other parties the right to sell it or to make profit with it. This includes for example radio plays and shows. Altering the beat (e.g. cutting out the tags) is forbidden. Please make sure to credit “BUF Music” in the title and/or description of your uploaded song. An example could be (“Beat by BUF Music (https://bufmusic.com”). If you do not follow these rules you will likely face a law suit for copyright infringement.


Please visit our official page at https://www.beatstars.com/bufmusic to see all available licenses. We prefer to handle the licensing on the BeatStars platform. If you are looking for special licensing options, please contact us directly (kontakt [at] echodreams.de).


Credit must always be given to “BUF Music (Tobias Schiller)” in written form, for example “Beat by BUF Music (https://bufmusic.com)”.  Please tag your files, uploads, booklets, websites accordingly or wherever you present the piece of music which was created with one of the beats from “BUF Music”.


BUF MUSIC (Tobias Schiller) accepts PayPal, Major Credit Card Payments and Bank transfers. All payments are to be paid or are paid upfront before delivery of the product. This means that the license only becomes active after the full payment has been transferred. You are going to receive the untagged audio file of the beat as soon as the money transfer is done. Please send us a short note if you have not received the file(s) within 24 hours after your payment. We will take care of it immediately.


We are using Content-ID to avoid our music from being stolen or monetized by others that do not have a license (especially on YouTube). With Content-ID all uploads are being checked and compared with our productions. If this system takes notice that your upload contains our music it will receive a notification on YouTube that there is a copyright claim. This does not harm your channel and your upload can still be viewed/listened to. This only means that we receive a revenue from the ads on this upload. If you are using a FREE DOWNLOAD you can ignore this. If you purchased a license from us which gives you the right to monetize your upload, please send us a link to your upload and make sure to provide the details of the purchase of the license from us. We will then take the necessary actions to “whitelist” your upload. This enables you to monetize your upload accordingly. Please note that this process can take several days and cannot happen immediately. We recommend to keep your upload “private” until everything is clear.


We deliver our productions/beats solely online in digital form (MP3/WAV). This is done by a download-link which is being sent to your eMail-address after the successful transaction. Please check your spam folder if you feel it takes a long time. In case you did not receive an eMail containing the link, please get in touch with us. If you received a link which does not seem to work, you can try to open it on other devices and/or browsers. In some cases this solves downloading problems. If the problem still exists, please contact us.


“BUF Music (Tobias Schiller)” is not responsible for any final-product you create. We disavow hurting or offending people, religions, sexual mindsets, animal and minorities. We are against racism and discrimination and do not support work that expresses anything like this. If you purchase a license from us you confirm that you have read and understood the listed terms. “BUF Music (Tobias Schiller)” offers the productions/pieces of music in the condition that can be seen/heard in our music player. Changes to these productions/pieces of music are not included in any of the licenses or prices. If you would like us to change or adjust our work an additional service-fee has to be paid. Please get in touch with us if you are looking for services like this.

The company’s legal domicile is Stuttgart (Germany/Europe). For anything listed in this written agreement, German Law is applicable.


Explanation of Keys (see terms, listed in points above for details)

“BUF Music (Tobias Schiller)” or solely “BUF Music”:


EchoDreams (Einzelunternehmen) – Tobias Schiller

Fred-Uhlman-Straße 7

70619 Stuttgart (Germany)


VAT-ID: DE310116639


Our Website containing the Music Player:



“beat”, “music”, “piece of music” and “production”:

An audio file created and produced by us with or without tags. It contains music created by us.


“song”, “upload”, “final-product”:

Something you have created with your own input by using our audio file. Our audio file is not in its natural form anymore but contains your voice or singing.


“tags” or “tag”:

A hearable voice inside of the audio file which says the producers/licensors name to make sure the audio file is not being stolen or sold without permission.



To avoid any misunderstanding, please contact us before doing business. If anything is in conflict with the law or if there is any problem we are happy to solve it together with you.

The legal domicile is Germany (Stuttgart).


 Stuttgart (Germany), 10. February 2018